The Future of Social Interaction

01. 03. 2012
New Media Showcase

New Media Showcase

Our first public showing was this Monday for the New Media Showcase. We had over 20 people fill out profiles and 16 of them played our game. People seemed impressed by our Kinect...

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25. 02. 2012
So many people in the game

Future Concept Video

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22. 02. 2012
Legends of Alea Intro Video

Legends of Alea Introduction Video

In the beginning of the game players are greeted with the story of Alea, a once great civilization destroyed by greed and power. This helps to set the tone and the storyline for...

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18. 02. 2012
Networked Kinect

Unity Networking Test

Kinects Connected! from Alternate Risk on Vimeo.

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07. 02. 2012

Getting so many people into one game.

One problem we knew the Kinect had heading into the project was the inability to track more than two skeletons. So we quickly knew that we would need three Kinects if we were...

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07. 02. 2012
6 Individual Shots

More filming!

During this last week we have focused our efforts on getting the rest of the video shot. The goal of the individual shots is to establish the different characters personality before they play...

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28. 01. 2012
Setting up to shoot close up shots


  Today we filmed part of our ideal scenario project video. Each actor played a different character. Our next step is to film each character’s back story. We also want to thank our...

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18. 01. 2012
Alternate Risk Production Update

Week 05 Presentation

We gave a presentation to our New Media Team Project class today. Here is the most recent presentation. Enjoy! Alternate Risk Week 5 Production Update (If you are in Chrome you may have to...

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16. 01. 2012
Kinect and Unity Update

Kinect + Unity Update

                ALEA Kinect + Unity Game Demo from Alternate Risk on Vimeo

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15. 01. 2012

Kinect Gestures Update

ALEA Game Gestures on Kinect from Alternate Risk on Vimeo

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